Judith Johnson






Noddy looked anxiously at his apostle spoon and
knew instinctively his "soldiers" would never arrive.

Oil on canvas


Quirks exhibition

Depot Gallery, Waterloo 2009

I love to tell stories within my narrative paintings, silly stories if possible, and I try to find humour and whimsy within my theme.

This has given me lots of enjoyment as I
paint, and I do hope you, the viewer, are
also amused?

In my series of Quirks I have given Noddy and Big Ears an unusual and eccentric life which Enid Blyton could never contemplate. Their new adventures and amazing life style require a leap of imagination into some humour of the absurd.

An original Breakfast Series, it was first inspired by the simplicity of a humble boiled egg in its Big Ears plastic egg cup. Many of us share memories of favourite childhood egg-cups, and Noddy has been particularly popular because of nostalgia.  Would you believe he's now a Collectable!?

These themes have come from my 'Silly Ideas Book'  and I trust you enjoy the first paintings in this series.  With luck, its not the last we have seen of our roving egg-cups, and the remarkable friendship between Noddy and Big Ears.


@ Judith Johnson 2013. All rights reserved. Paintings photographed by John McRae

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