Judith Johnson






Waiting for Godot

Oil on canvas




Puffin Magic exhibition

Depot Gallery, Waterloo 2011

Supporting the Puffin Magic Foundation provided me with a fantastic, new and
exciting subject.

As Peter Puffin is the mascot of this wonderful Foundation, it was marvellous to have such freedom in fantasy for this cute small sea bird.

My series of whimsical, quirky paintings is based on the mythical activities and stylish habits of an endearing, drole personality plus.

In life, they are the smallest of all puffins, with striking black on white markings and a massive multi coloured beak…or bill ? This beak became a joy to paint as I find it so amazing.

They are ungainly and top-heavy in flight, but underwater they shine as brilliant aqua- freestyle champions. The personality makes them very popular, photographed, and loved by travellers in the northern climes. I am reliably told that they adore sardines, and are absolutely fascinated with fashion, politics and especially current affairs.

This places them in the upper echelons of Avian Society…hence their sometimes bizarre antics, as shown here. Enjoy.



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