Judith Johnson







Oil on canvas


Nostalgie exhibition

Depot Gallery, Waterloo, 2004

'Nostalgie'  exhibition featured working portraits of people who made or repaired musical instruments, and of musicians practising their craft.

As a classical music 'tragic'  I decided to search Sydney for quiet achievers, often working alone or in seclusion, as they focussed  on their work.  I witnessed exacting techniques, great skill and dedication as required by the very nature of musical instruments.  Those in need of repair
or restoration were handled with loving care and respect.

As a visitor, I felt fascination for these modest craftsmen who rarely seek acknowledgement.
It was quite an honour to share their private workshops and to learn of their expertise, and how exacting this must be.

Narrative paintings have a special appeal for me, and researching and painting these portraits was a great joy.

As a small girl I was totally fascinated by my Grandfather's workshop, never allowed to enter of course! But I remember the light, smell of sawdust, the bench, tools and creativity happening in that magical place where sometimes... toys appeared.



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