Judith Johnson






Ferry school

Oil on canvas


Harbour Light exhibition

Depot Gallery, Waterloo 2011

My paintings are inspired by the ever changing light, atmosphere and moods of Sydney Harbour - its beauty, surprises and endless variety.

Long ago, I was fascinated with the concept of painting at different times of the day, as I observed the paintings of Monet. He investigated the nuances of light, form and colour during the intervals of a specific time. Rouen Cathedral and the 'haystacks' series capture that elusive mood created by the quality of light.

Our beautiful harbour provides so many leisure activities yet retaining the "working harbour" which provides such variety and interest. I have developed a sentimental affection for the older ferries, those small and busy work horses of the waterways. For me, they are iconic and full of personality.

I see them chugging in the quiet upstream on
chilly mornings or safely delivering revellers
home late at night.

Since early childhood I travelled frequently from Manly, then Cremorne and Hunters Hills and
during all those years have enjoyed our big skies, deep water, small specks of boats, old tankers, sailing regattas, rowing crews, sunsets and storms.


@ Judith Johnson 2013. All rights reserved. Paintings photographed by John McRae

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